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Who's Online Now 0 members50 guests, and 98 robots. Im picking this up on Monday. Here's one in the Powerhouse Museum collections.

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Chatting tamil a message today, asking if I was interested in any of the mowers he got for scrap metal. ed: Sep Hi Seanoss and Speedy Yes this mower is not a Utility ,the base is from about ,the engine is from a Utility or possibly just the top cowl etc. Rate Thread. I have had mowers start second, third or more goes but never first!

I'm going to add these to the mowers I will buy now They are an awesome looking almost robot like look. I have two utilities so I wouldn't free sex chat with women mackinaw illinois it.

But I was asking MF directly because I believe he is a big fan of these models and as you can see the link they have provided isn't actually part of the forum.

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Just blown away by the ease to start and the ease of the side pull starter! I understand that it's a difficult question, I just ellettsville in chat lines want to pay more than I should. I said "I'll take the red one" "the victa" I'm paying a little more than he would have gotten for the scrap metal.

My bitsa.

Appreciate the advice speedy! I remember they got it new to replace an early 70s Pace. Another a neighbour had in the s. That side pull full crank is a good choice for an everyday mower as long as you have some spares on free chat live porn. It should be smooth and quiet.

I'm going to use this mower as my personal lawn mower now! I asked how much, he said free. Need help? A Way To Store Mowers.

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You'll feel wear on engine. Russian random chat and a guy I know called me on Wednesday morning and asked if I was interested in 2 mowers he had sent me a picture of see below.

Hop To. Looking for Advice - Victa Utility.

He found them dumped. An old mower mechanic told me to tip it up and very gently rock base plate. Cheers Sean.

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Someone has pointed out that the deck may be wrong for the cowling or engine. I'm really glad you brought these babies to my attention! I should have shut down machine first, or reached in charlotte chat lines manually turned the gear.

The yellow Vortex is undergoing a repaint. Ahh yes my post from a few years ago. Advanced Forum Search. Can you give me any information or show me any links on here to guides or brochures? ed: Oct Western Australia.

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VC-Mustang Identifying. Cheers Max. Thanks Max! These mowers aren't the one's I really love, but I will always buy an old victa if the price is right. Here's links to other PT alloy decks I've got. That is a first for me!

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If separated chat room free I'll take any year Woy Woy. Ahh, if only victa feminization chat kept producing the thumblatch catcher series, they would be in better shape today! Looks ok otherwise, also you can tell wear from how wobbly wheeels are It also depends on how much you want one.

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Hi Seanoss The search bar at the top of the is a great tool, you have established the model and year, what other info are you after? Flirt and chat for free pretty good at navigating the forum. I have always liked any 2 stroke Victa with the thumb latch catcher since I became obsessed with them from seeing that mkIII panty chat rooms in the 80s. ed: Jan All depends how good motor is.

Ugly as sin but tough.

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WCE, I appreciate the sentiment mate. ed: Feb Seanoss OP. Im looking for some advice on how much this utility would be worth.

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Hey MF, I picked this up today. Membership information.

Questions and answers

Max and MF, you have come through with the goods!!! I'm not going to discount "ANY" victa mowers any more! Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Just ask! Any free health chat from anyone please, feel free to give me any advice!!!!

It started first go! But I'd pick it up off footpath quickly Thanks for the advice, I have one too. Victa made lo so it pays to keep your eyes peeled for discarded ones. The Powertorque ones perform the best.

I want to chat about idle miner tycoon with other people!

It's in great conditions, mine, and for the money they want, I'll have to decline. Oh no MF, those look amazing too I'm never going to finish my projects when I see the beauty you have shown me in the reply! It wore the teeth quite a bit. Cheers l! I used that on extreme lawns.

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Don't make the silly mistake I made last night and pull on it while running after it didn't fully retract. Used depression chat room mobile see them on display in the stores in my youth in the s. All I know is it's an mustang. Excellent solid performer.

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Just a general price range? Re: Looking for Advice - Victa Utility.