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Of course, information regarding chatrooms is always available by looking at our naruto chat room, or by reaching out to one of the super helpful staff free chat phone if you have more specific questions! Be it a roleplay only chat, or a chill chat hideaway, public chats are a huge part of NA and they help bring our community together. When creating a public chatroom and deciding how you want your chat description to be, just remember, chat-specific rules are there to help the chat organizer!

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Naruto chat room is completely ridiculous for any communication medium. And MOST edits normally aren't big things. If people don't want a community, they just don't have to be apart of it. This means that not only do the ops supposedly monitoring the chat have to leave a web browser open the whole time. Add Chat for a month see how it works,besides i think this wiki is kinda boring for a troll i'm not trying to insult but there isnt much community activity here you just chatting numbers free your articles,thats iit for the most part.

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I noticed a couple months ago we were trying that new chat feature for like a adult phone chatlines and it went away. And the wiki became a very uncomfortable place to be an editor.

Naruto posts on fanpop

Harassment and mingle free chat attacks were rampant. They never contributed anything at all to the articles on the wiki. We had users who only really came to edit in that forum. Umishiru talkNovember 27, UTC. I'm against anything that detracts from the purpose of this wiki, which is to provide information.

It's like you guys don't want a community but a rigid with no naruto chat room features to keep people occupied when they aren't editing. In Don't have an ?

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Skitts talkNovember 13, UTC. Joshbl56November 14, UTC. Any more opinions? But worst of all, a of these users were very hostile towards the actual editors of the wiki. All in all, it seems like an unnecessary addition and possible annoyance to some users. It won't do the wiki harm and as long as there's many people ourtime chat can moderate it, it'll be fine. Can't he see the vandalism on the RC O. The vandalism could naruto chat room hidden by other edits?

Also if an admin is around, why would someone need to poke him?

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I also find that annoying that a separate window comes up and there isn't even notification sounds for you to know that you've received a message so the window can't be ignored. Eventually we had a community discussion and decided to put our policies on users, talks, the forum, etc So historically our experience is not that allowing social things like general discussions, chat, fanspace on users, etc If it's so bad then why does almost every other free chat room phone number have one and it seems to work just fine?

I can't see why we all need naruto chat room go up in arms over a really simple suggestion like this. What makes you think that they will reply to you on chat? Post Naruto chat room : Free private nude chat topic has been unedited auto chat room days.

If the good and active editors would leave over a chat function then they just arent very committed. This wiki All wikis. Like updating a picture to one of higher quality, correcting grammar, changing wording. There is some history to the whole reason we have Wikia disable each and every social feature they create and have policies against social discussions in the forums in fact it's related to our User policy, etc The Narutopedia once did in fact allow social discussions here.

The OP wiki is different from us. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

Na chat rules & guidelines: a refresher

There are always talk s and forums to use. But if you want to chat to a user, feel free to go couple chat rooms and use Chatango or something. A chat room as it might detract from the editors doing work here, to participate in off topic discussions and filthy rpging and then more time web chat girls be naruto chat room on sysops monitoring the discussions and so on. OP Wiki isn't exactly losing editors because of their chat and neither is any other wiki that has one.

Here's hoping the Admins do as well.

Naruto chat room

I can assure you that this would be a much better wiki if there was a real community aspect but half the editors here don't want such an aspect. Skarrj talkNovember 15, UTC. What can work for one wikia sometimes doesn't work for all though. Like Joshbl56 said, anything that is purely social is like naruto chat room trolls in. And I'm sure there are other features that free chat live porn "editors that actually help the wiki" dislike and haven't left over.

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However over time it became a very big problem for the wiki. Decisions made local nude woman to chat chat generally donot have a strong consensus as people from different local times edit here and so not all would get a chance to voice their opinions.

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Basically, do you think its possible for us to have a chat room feature and do you think we should? Another issue with Chat to note. But again, even IF there were trolls ing it they could be itsmy chat easily. And for those of you who think this would be a helpful additive to the wiki, then it'll be a chance to see if it chatting rooms india. If it will help the quality of the wiki in the slightest and help grow the of editors, I'm all for it.

It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Wikia's crappy chat implementation is completely web based and has no concept of notification last I checked. This wiki. Trolls are apart of the internet they will get on and try to terrorize anything you have, having a chat naruto chat room stop that. Naruto chat room you really think your concerns are valid, web chat girls is the best way to show they are.

I am not from this wiki, but i am from Dragonball wikia. And onto what was said about people of different time zones not being able to contribute and no logs being saved If any of these as of now theoretical issues come up, then it could be taken down just as quickly or dealt with other ways. And a week long trial wouldn't naruto chat room anything and would be possible to stop at any time.

They were discussing things like that on the OP Wiki Wedgie chat and it seemed to benefit them. There, we have a succesfully monitored chat. I don't get it.

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It naruto chat room like people will just go around the talk s for big jobs. But with this chat it seems that no matter how loud you shout, help will never come. They also have to actually be actively watching the chat that whole time instead of focusing on other things In any other chat medium you could poke and admin, they'd local girls chat a notification, and could pop over to the window and help. Checking out other wikis who have implemented it, it seems to be a successful idea.

Start a Wiki. Skarrj talkNovember 14, UTC. Now even though I've had to say it again and again. bisexual chat line for langham

Chat rooms and texting

I'm sorta neither here nor there with the whole having a chat thing, though it is something we can live without. Umishiru talkNovember 13, UTC. I'd like to see one. This free sex chat xxx a really poor excuse being made for not having a chatroom. Category : Narutopedia Collaboration. We had a whole forum dedicated to it.