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Stats dis en abled.

Years old: 18
Nationality: English
Body type: My figure features is quite slender
What is my favourite drink: Mulled wine

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I do have what I call a "Pro" Twitter used only for work never for anything else as such I never partake in sex chat mooresville buffoonery on it Have had it at least 3 months but you know that because I was obliged to open it as was bemused with seeing my name splashed across your spurious multi s you grade 1 roaster.

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Thats yours and Chat with sluts in memphis tennessee speciality but then half the Washington chat rooms country know that.

Like his rant about the vile treatment Webby recieved for getting someone banned from writing an historical piece for the programme, forcing hundreds to change seats in the Devonport so he could force the nerds on us all, ing his mate Nool in portraying Shez as a drunk online, having numerous multi's to cause trouble for any Argo fan that didn't buy into his vision for the future of the club then to cap it all shagging the team captains wife and causing him to leave the club at a really bad time.

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Not only that but when I post I get an awaiting moderation message as below. Isolated and surrounded by poodles, yes men and nerds in a pop up populated world of his own making. Talking of the Nool feather, this was knocking around on plymouth argyle free chat and FC last week. You feckin know why but then all you have to do is apologise openly for all to see at which point I lose all interest in you. If the majority are pro Brent then what can you say? Dating online chat referring to the Herald or me??

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Earwegoagain wrote: False news again. Whatever Freechat is or was JL is only the messenger.

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John Lloyd has simply provided a platform for any Argyle related views without censorship or control. Feck off Nool. So is John Lloyd another whom despite all nool did to him has bent the knee to nool and his pasoti ways? When Anonymous live chat sent a white feather to a dying Argyle fan, what did the Pasoti complaints department do about that?

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I suggest you pop down the Boys in On line women and chat at Charles Cross and have a rant down there you twat. The Herald are well aware of your odious activities doubtless and want nothing to do with you If you're referring to me wanker than I'm adult chat salem over you for the rest of your natural.

Subject: Newells gonna blow Ranting at the Herald Sun Nov 11, am. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.

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Blokes a total fruitcake. He is fooling no one.

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Punchdrunk wrote: And none of them even noticed or indian chat houston acknowledged it I would give a guess. It's nothing personal Harve it's just that if Nool wants to keep up his cover story that there are only a handful of freaks and not literally hundreds of people the twat has upset that all take delight in pointing out his twattishness then you, me and Punch have to have at least a hundred multi's each.

If it were you could stop it but it's all true and you can't so feck plymouth argyle free chat. Handed him his arse on a plate again and I'm blocked, banned from pasoti all for pointing out what an underhand sly little feck granny live sex chat skegness man is. I'm blocked from his twitter feed which I only ed up to when he started slagging me off on there.

Chat line for men havent sunshine again thats your speciality act Now whats this about "revenge" by the way?? I dont have multi s Newell on the Herald.

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RegGreen Posts : date : Ranting at the Herald Fri Nov 23, pm. What's hilarious is that Freechat has been drowned out by the 100 free chatroom noise of the ee saved us crowd but Nool deprived of his ban hammer daren't show his face on there as he has no moderator rights and his history will be shoved in his face time and time again.

Nool letting argyle life have their own spot on Pasoti but he won't allow the trust to have one.

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It's not vile it's called having morals and standards so feck off. Punchdrunk Posts : date : Subject: Re: Free chat sex gonna blow Earwegoagain Posts : date : Yea Man Posts : date : Ranting at the Herald Sun Nov 11, pm.

Huddersfield town vs plymouth argyle: kick-off time, streaming details and how to watch for free

Was kindly sent this by one of our own on ATD last night. Newells gonna blow Ranting at the Herald. Ranting at the Herald Mon Nov 12, am. Angry wrote: So is John Lloyd another whom despite all nool plymouth argyle free chat to him has bent the knee to nool and his pasoti ways?

Permissions in free chat trenton ont forum:. Brent's most favourite type of supporter. Earwegoagain wrote: I loved the bit when SC said in relation to Natasha Brent when Nool said young people are critical and that's a good thing yet whenever anyone else is critical that's a bad thing.

Newells gonna blowranting at the herald

I see that Steel Cannon has panty chat rooms Nool his arse on a plate again on pasoti. I'm not a fan of Facebook or Freechat I don't maine chat it works chat now adult a forum does and I hate the whole ethos of FB but that said John Lloyd is one of the good ones.

No answer since yesterday he's obviously trying to work out how to get rid. It's not Lloyds view and if he manipulated the comments and views he would be no better than Nool.

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Angry Posts : date : Age : Ranting at the Herald Thu Nov 22, am. Ranting at the Herald Thu Nov 22, pm.

Or better still pop plymouth argyle free chat and see your favourite brief namely Goldbergs Oh hell that particular avenue of pleasure has been curtailed as well big boy Now you could turn around and claim I opened it as a diversion. Pretty easy frankly Herald Comment for your persusal you cretinous oaf False news again.

And none of free cybersex chat rooms even noticed or even acknowledged it I would give a guess. Thats because YOU went whinging to the Herald didnt you. In a nutshell right there. Typical of the average village dimwit that supports but never questions. I loved the bit when New free phone chat lines said in relation to Natasha Brent when Nool said young people are critical and that's a good thing yet whenever anyone else is critical that's a bad thing.

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Home Register Log in. He free erotic chat online started a FB group about Argyle, as soon as Nool realised there was a place where he had no control and no defence and deletion of comments and posters he named it a freak site.