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looking for someone new to talk If I am understanding your question correctly, then do the following. Animor A Flamescale Wyrmkin. Hi, I'm trying to find a way to know if a player chatting with me is really connected to the game, chat francaise just using the remote guild chat by using the mobile Armory application.

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this. Send a private message to Free live chat with girls. Find More Posts by Vis. Send a private message to SDPhantom. You should avoid using select. Iterating from 1 to numOnline doesn't work, since the online members are not necessarily indexed from 1 to numonline.

Any ideas how to get that information from sex chat hendersonville north carolina tellTarget name? Find More Posts by Xrystal. For some reason, I couldn't find an API that returns that info Perhaps I missed something. But that's not even the worse problem GetGuildRosterInfo is bugged and totaly unreliable.

Linear Mode. Plus, you're actually using two calls to GetGuildRosterInfo instead of just using variables properly. Message me if you're interested in taking over one of my addons. You've been very helpful I have the editbox, and I can get 76444 lunch chat whisper target name by using: Code: editBox:GetAttribute "tellTarget" However, I couldn't find a way to tell if that name is using the mobile.

This is also given as the 14th argument from a chat message event. If wow chat mobile addon user is the first to chat, then there is no issue.

Guild members connected to the game appear as connected from mobile. My guess is that they built it into the default chat frames. Thank you for this suggestion! Send a private message to Animor.

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The indexes depend on the sorting method and whether offline members are shown or not. Phanx Cat. Send free military chat line private message to Phanx. The only reliable way I've found to tell who is really isMobile, is using arg14 of the chat message event. Display Modes. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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Go to View First Unread. I'm afraid that this is a bit "heavy" to call every time the user sends a whisper to someone. Find More Posts by Animor.


Literary chat room the solution should be to somehow create a list of online guild members, using your code. Find More Posts by myrroddin. Smilies are On. Thread Tools. Xrystal nUI Maintainer. Function calls are basically the slowest thing you can do, and are totally unnecessary here.

Thanks in advance! So I took another approach and I put into an array players chatting with the user, according to their arg The only flaw with chat meganiex approach is that the first message from the addon user to wow chat mobile mobile player is not detected as "to mobile" message.

But this is problematic too, since I'm not sure when to update that list. How to tell if someone is using remote guild chat? Ok, I can tell if someone chatting with chat free without register is using the mobile application by using arg However, I have no idea how to tell if the player I'm whispering to is using the mobile.

View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Phanx. Visit myrroddin's home! Can it be done?

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Switch to Hybrid Mode. Hi, Thank you both for your help. Send a private message to myrroddin. Show Printable Version. Indian sex chat live, I am not sure if the UnitName call will work on "telltarget" so someone will have to tell me please.

Remote guild chat now on android, iphone, and ipod touch [updated 4/26]

For example, players on mobile might to the game, new players are invited to guild, etc. I have the editbox, and I can get the whisper target name by using: Code:.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, this doesn't work as expected, so I can't use this approach.

Vis A Pyroguard Emberseer. Here is some code that will keep track of who is currently mobile in your guild: Code:. Send a private message to Xrystal. It happened also to my toon I think that unless you log off the smartphone application, your toon is displayed as isMobile, real live sex chat alwinton if you to the game afterward.

Lua Code:. The Guildmate I was talking to is one of a few that doesn't run addons.